Content Writing Checklist

Here Is A Content Writing Checklist For Your Reference

Ensure The Focus Keyword In Your Title and maximum length should be 60 characters

Use the focus keyword in at least one subheading

Meta Description
Use the Focus keyword in the catchy meta description that is no longer between 138 to 148 characters

Primary/Focus Keywords
Use the focus keyword in the first 100 words of the first paragraph on this content.
Use Your focus/primary Keyword Throughout The Text (first, middle and bottom) naturally

Secondary/ LSI Keywords
Include Keywords in Your Subheadings
Use each LSI keyword naturally at least once in the content

Content Body
Use The Active Voice
Keep Your Vocabulary Simple
Write Short Sentences (14 - 18) words in per sentence
Write Short Paragraphs (use maximum 2, 3 or 4 lines in each paragraph
Write a maximum of 300 words under each paragraph.
Use Maximize Internal & External Links naturally with relevant anchor text
Use Relevant and High-Quality Images and videos
Highlighting important information (makes posts easier using Bold, italicize and color highlighter)
Add links to relevant internal pages with relevant hyperlink
Add outbound links to other high-quality webpages (not competitor) with relevant hyperlinks
Have a strong Call to Action at the end of content

Featured Image (Width 700px & Height 400px) Regulation 100%
Info Image (Width 700px & Height Flexible) Regulation 100%
Jpeg for photos
Png for custom graphics, logos and screenshot
Svg for custom graphics and logos
Gif for animate
Use the keyword or product name in the image file name.
Image size should be below 100 KV.

Special Instruction

People come to google to know about their problems and so they search on google. So, Google wants to rank those answers which solve the queries of the readers. So, you must fulfill the demand of the searchers. Try to avoid messey sentences and verbose words to meet the requirement of the word limit.

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